I completed my indexing training through the acclaimed program at UC Berkeley. I’m a member of the Indexing Society of Canada, and was a runner-up for their first-ever Equity & Diversity Bursary. I have specialized training and experience working with sensitive subjects, confidential projects, and marginalized communities that makes me a careful, thorough indexer determined to support and protect the dignity of your projects. My specialities are languages & linguistics, social justice movements, the fine arts, feminism and gender studies, mental health, Judaism and religious studies, German and Eastern European literature and history, and the LGBTQ2IA+ community. I know how important it is to find an editor and indexer who will treat your work on these topics with respect and nuance; I’ve been there myself. Contact me to learn more about my rates and timelines.

So, the index at the back of a book isn’t generated by a computer program?

Indexes are created by trained, human professionals. As an indexer, my job is to help your readers, students, and colleagues navigate your text with ease and find your key terms and arguments quickly. A bad index can confuse your readers and obscure your message, which you really don’t want in an #OwnVoices memoir or as part of your application for tenure. When you hire me, you’ve got my lived experience and technical training on your side to protect your projects.

Index FAQ

But I’m the author—can’t I create my book’s index myself?

Indexes are completed on extremely tight deadlines, often as the very last piece of the production process before a book goes to print. Page numbers are changing, deadlines are shifting, and you’ll be exhausted. (Trust me—I’ve published three books of my own.) You know your book better than anyone else—but at this point you’ve spent so much time with it that you’ll likely miss key terms and ideas. I’ve got a fresh set of eyes, professional training, and a specialized software that keeps me fast and accurate, giving you and your readers the best possible guide to your incredible achievement. Let me handle this part of the process and make life easier for you and your publisher, so you can both focus on celebrating and promoting your book.

But I’m a publisher—can’t I ask just the author to complete the index?

You’ve already worked hard to create a seamless, dignified, and low-barrier process for your authors, especially those who face systemic hurdles to success in CanLit and academic institutions. Hiring a professional indexer is also a part of this process. Preserve your relationships by hiring a trained indexer, rather than asking your authors (emerging or established) to take on this additional, and very technical, labour. Contact me instead to adhere to best practices – and get your proofs to the printer on time.

Proofreading and Editing

My careful attention to detail and formal training has made me a sought-after stylistic and copy editor who has worked for magazines like PRISM international, Poetry Is Dead, Canadian Dimension, Shameless, and most recently New Forum. Contact me to discuss rates and the right kind of editing for your project.

Manuscript Consultation

I’m a long-time member of the Writer’s Union of Canada with an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. I’ve sat on juries for the BC Arts Council and successfully received full funding from the Canada Council. My previous manuscript clients have applied successfully to retreats like Lambda Literary, or been longlisted for prizes including the Gerald Lampert Award. My own active literary practice keeps me in the loop about what publishers, grantors, and graduate programs are looking for. You or your publisher can reach out at any time to tell me about your project and learn more about my approach.


I’m a fast, accurate transcriber specializing in university and gallery clients with time-sensitive work on stigmatized topics. I’ve transcribed sensitive, highly-confidential audio for projects related to biomedical innovation, transgender health, hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS. Previous clients include grunt gallery in Vancouver and the Johnson-Shoyama School of Public Policy at the University of Saskatchewan. I’ve also provided live captioning for nonprofit AGMs; contact me to discuss rates and make sure you’re using the best platform possible for your project or event.